INDEX 10'6" Stand Up Paddle

INDEX 10' 6" Stand Up Paddle
INDEX 10' 6" Stand Up Paddle
INDEX 10' 6" Stand Up Paddle

The must have product for summer fun, the inflatable SUP! The Index SUP is a one package wonder with all the essentials for some stand up paddleboarding fun on the flat days. Easy to inflate and deflate, simple to store and fits inside a carrying backpack.

10ft 6 Inflatable Paddle Board - Basic Paddleboard design for flat days on the sea or the lakes. Full of volume for ease of use and balannce, easy to inflate/deflate and simple to fold and store.
Adjustable 3 piece Paddle - Paddle comes apart for ease of storage and is adjustable to suit the height of the surfer.
Air Pump - Dual Action air pump.
Carry Bag - fits everything, the perfect carrying companion for the beach
Leash - Coiled leash
Single Fin - Screw on fin

Double sidewall
Reinforced outer sidewall
EVA Deck Pad
Airtight 3rd layer
Composite fiber layer
Support baffles fiber drawing structure

Technical Features
Premium valve with quick-connect
Anti exterior protective coating
Military grade Duraweld PVC
Thermosealed comfort non-slip deck pad
Ultra reinforced composit dropstitch weave
High pressure laminated structure