Alder Patriot Bodyboard

Alder Patriot
Alder PatriotAlder PatriotAlder PatriotAlder PatriotAlder PatriotAlder Patriot

The Alder Patriot is an affordable intermediate board with a compliant template for helping your riding progress on solid foundations.
It features a classic PE foam core, graduated channels, classic crescent tail for improved hold and control on the wave face, and 60/40 rails which give better drive and improved control.

* Dow foam core: PE core offers greater flex than its lighter but stiffer polypro cousin.

* Clipped crescent tail: versatile and functional tail shape provides great control for all styles of riding in all wave conditions.

 * HDPE slick: high density polyethylene bottom increases longevity and provides good protection.

* Open Cell Deck: The open cell deck gives increased rider comfort and better flex for maneuvering the board.

* 60/40 rails: give increased drive and control, for more powerful rail-to-rail riding.

* Graduated channels: channels on the slick give the rails and tail an improved hold on the wave face.

* Available in 42”, 44” & 46”